Pool and Garden

The house is surrounded by a colourful terraced garden, which is planted with bourgainvillea, palms, mangos, lilies and other exotic flora. Our gardeners maintain and encourage all manor of tropical plants. The best place to enjoy the view of the surrounding beauty of the garden is the pool. 


The infinity pool is on the lower level of the house and is surrounded by a coral tiled terrace. The pool itself is approximately 32 feet by 16 feet in size, and is 7feet 8 inches deep at its deepest end, and 3 feet 8 inches deep in the shallow end. There is no chlorine in the pool, just the smallest amount of salt(too little to taste) which is used to cleanse the pool via a system. Perhaps the more contending view is that of the Caribbean sea and the glorious Pitons that can be taken in from the pool. Spend hours kciking back and relaxing around the pool wiht nothing more than the warm breeze and an ice cold drink to contend with.